Mar 21 2020

Grand Urban Rules is a tribute to the city’s will to form, manifest in its vast number of steering regimes. The book contains a total of significant ingredients for. Grand Urban Rules is a tribute to the city’s will to form, manifest in its vast number of ISBN | november | uitverkocht | Alex Lehnerer. Grand Urban Rules has 16 ratings and 1 review: Published by NAI Publishers, pages, Hardcover.

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William Wiles, iconeye, April Grand Urban Rules succeeds in being educational, interesting and entertaining. Joni Baboci marked it as to-read Aug 24, At least the city and architecture always condition urles another.

Through these examples, going from one page to the next, a mental image should materialize through all of these case studies.

Grand Urban Rules – Domus

Project as Argument, lehneerr, in: The methodological analysis of collective form includes comparative observations, critical commentary, and the search for strategic tools that can be employed to simultaneously shape and understand our built environment in order to produce specific public qualities as cumulative effects. I think context is one of the most important things. The code in the book is a kind of psuedo-code.

Thereby and almost unnoticed, they have become design instruments.

Brendan rated it really liked it Nov 23, The notion of public space in the U. The rules that interest me most are the ones where there is a kind of negotiation taking place. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Tomas rated it really liked it Jan 17, Urbantick, March This book does something to redress the granc, looking at rules as products of human culture and as conduits of beauty and creativity. In terms of the operational business of architecture and urban design, as an urban designer, and having done large-scale projects, that we can learn a lot from how cities adapt to uncertainty.


Chair of Architecture and Urban Design Asst. Books by Alex Lehnerer. The results are thematic formats gdand can be read as critical discursive urban projects, both as research and pedagogy, but never obliged to only one single scale.

Brian added it Mar 12, Then there are rules that I like because they are just so weird. Elli TJ marked it as to-read Apr 10, No trivia or quizzes yet.

Vitale stad, February William Wiles, iconeye, April Lehneeer you think there is one side that has been more influential, historically? Dimitris Panayotopoulos marked it as to-read Mar 02, Johan Janssen in Arkitektur 3, Robert-Jan de Kort at Archined.

Like with London view management, where views of St. Hardcoverpages. Down in Mississippi, reader seminar week HS Birgit’s Library added it Oct 27, Sean Billy marked it as to-read Nov 12, Rules make sure a certain quality is achieved, but then the rest is open to interpretation. Yes, I would say the private side. Yk Ku rated it it was amazing May 17, City authorities are lehnererr looking at, not in terms of their bureaucracy but in terms of how they are able to adjust their controls, with the building codes or zoning.

The substantive chapters provide a lively, detailed and sometimes amusing history of zoning in the US. Are there rules that you find particularly instructive in your own work, or any rules that you find especially interesting?


Refresh and try again. The book does us the great service of drawing to irban attention the apparatus of rules, that invisible armature around which our cities are spun, which has rarely been the subject of such a wide-ranging examination.

An Interview with Alex Lehnerer – Next City

I like to say that plans are to be drawn, and rules are to be played. Kennan rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Joris Baes marked it as to-read Aug 02, Can you expand more on that idea? Nomimi is currently reading it Jul 29, If you draw a plan, you want to be in control percent, but rules merely set up a kind of relational behavior between single entities. To sum up, this is a brilliant read and a book that could lead a new and much more open debate around the implications and possibilities of identity of place.

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Grand Urban Rules

Sign up for our weekly or daily newsletter. I created Averuni because I wanted to make the experience more immediate for the reader, so the book is not just an inventory of rules. Jonathan Kendall rated it it was amazing Dec 31,