Jun 14 2020

12 LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR Alexander L. Lacson is a book about what every ordinary Filipino can do to. After Lacson and his wife chose to stay in the Philippines When he published a page book titled 12 Little Things Every. Help Our Country Alexander L Lacson book you are also motivated to 12 Little Things Is Based On Alex Lacson’s Book “12 Little Things.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It could be used by the others abroad who are looking for improvements for their society. At one point, I can’t help comparing my reaction to my friends’ comments when that Ale felt like I was reading an essay written by a high school student.

Dahil sa aklat na ito bibigyang solusyon ang bawat problema ng ating bansa at ang solusyon ay nauuwi sa ating pagkaka-isa bilang Pilipino. Open Preview See a Problem?

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

There is love of neighbor whenever we teach and raise our children as patriots, by loving our country through loving our people. Lacson’s parents separated when he was in high school. Meeting someone like Alex Lacson was the real miracle.

I was tempted, in my selfish agitation to get home and get my tuxedo for the State dinner in the Palace, then dash over to Malacanang, to cut corners, such as push into the opposite lane when stuck not alx from the Buchanan Gate, in order to sneak into the Gate. I don’t have anything against cliches.

Four years ago, he and his wife had a serious discussion about migrating to the US or Canada because the Philippines, as a country appeared hopeless since things only got worse year after year. I really think all Filipinos should read this book, because the things that are stated in this book can really make a huge impact on the country.


Alexander L. Lacson (Author of 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country)

Proud to be Pinoy! Then a white Chevrolet Ventura pulled up to the curb. View all 7 comments. As Lacson put it in his book: Lacson2 Sweets Challenges: David messaged me when she arrived from New York that the Japanese were now planning to transcribe the autobiography into Japanese and publish it in Tokyo, as a chronicle of what happened to a Filipino family in the war years and during Japanese military occupation. If the answer is Yes, then they would stay. Feb 17, c. There is love of neighbor when we value and pay our employees appropriately.

My mama had written that book of hers in longhand, on yellow pad paper not long before she died at the age of 81 on October 16,and belatedly, we had published it last year. But no matter how much I ponder, we can’t take back the past Philippines.

The book made me annoyed rather inspired. Magbayad ng tamang buwis. Lacson mismo-istorya ng kanyang buhay at pag-aaral. The column went viral on social media. Or, if you read the book, he suggests: With this book, he showed his patriotism and nationalism to the Philippines and he has a very admirable goal- to teach many other Filipinos about the things they can do to our country.

Sa kabila ng mga pagkaka-iba ng mga pag-uugali natin dahil sinakop tayo ng mga Kastila, Amerikano, at Hapon ay mayroon pang pagkaka-isa– ito ang puso nating Pinoy!.


After Lacson and his wife chose to stay in the Philippines instead of moving abroad, they decided to promote the idea that conditions in the Philippines could be improved if individual Filipinos stayed in their homeland and took action. Yes, following the Fallacy of Composition, the things written in this book is probable if and only if all of us do the things listed here. In our own simple ways we can do a lot to help the country.

Support your Church When we help our church, we help our Creator in His works on earth. Living From The Heart: I am a proud kababayan of Alex Lacson.

Just by the easy and simple acts stated in this like following traffic rules and asking for a receipt, we can make a change! Stopped at a light, he took out his wallet, got one and politely handed it to me. I guess it was the disarming nature of his smile, his earnest approach. He went on to graduate from Kabankalan Catholic College inwhere he was the salutatorian and student council president.

I can’t wait to ride the zip line again this coming December. The one nearest to our house?

Alex had his little volume pages published earlier this year by the Alay Pinoy Publishing House in Quezon City, and it had sold out in its first printing within three weeks.

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