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Experiments simulating the ITER baseline scenario on the DIII-D tokamak show that torque-free pure electron heating, when coupled to plasmas subject to a net co-current beam torque, affects density fluctuations at electron scales on a sub-confinement time scale, whereas fluctuations at ion scales change only after profiles have evolved to a new stationary state.

ITER will zlam D—T burn physics for a duration of a few hundred seconds to prepare for the next long-burn or steady state nuclear testing tokamak operating at much higher neutron fluence. This paper addresses nuclear analysis on the Korean fusion demonstration reactor K-DEMO divertor to estimate the overall trend of nuclear heating values and displacement damages.

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Abstract The presence of a chain of magnetic islands, produced by externally applied tri-dimensional fields at a rational surface, is numerically found to have significant effects on the resonant response, as well as on the associated toroidal torques, in a toroidal tokamak plasma with conventional aspect ratio, strong shaping, and in the regime of slow toroidal flow. The experimental observations were compared against several theoretical models. The main objective of the simulations is to assess the role of local electric fields which are tki for in a related study using the ion orbit approach including only the Lorentz force Gunn et al Nucl.

It was found that the model could readily predict the observed alma in which a higher wall temperature likely gives rise to faster wall saturation.

The effect of helium He plasma exposure, and associated surface modifications, on the thermal shock resistance of tungsten W under ITER relevant steady state and transient heat and particle loads was studied. Thus, when the experimental high magnetic Reynolds number is taken in the simulation, the core crush may be suppressed so that the numerical results are expected to become close to the experimental results where the stable high beta plasmas are obtained.

The improvement in confinement levels off at higher. The overview highlights the following physics aspects of the runaway evolution: This is alqm explained by ideal perturbed equilibrium calculations indicating the strong kink coupling at lower is reduced at higher discharge. Multiple simulation runs for different, adjacent, values of the plasma density under KSTAR edge conditions enable us to infer the theoretical dependence of ICE spectral structure on the local electron number density.


In a completely new development, this technique is combined with the concept reveilld geodesic distance on Gaussian manifolds so as to take into account the error bars in the measurements and provide more reliable models.

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These tests will be carried out with specimens irradiated in the so called high flux test module HFTM. In particular, the velocity of the mode is finite at the magnetic axis so that there is a large velocity directed to the magnetic axis; and 3 when the high n modes are saturated, the destabilized low n modes, which have a global mode structure and shift the magnetic axis, also begin to be saturated. The rfveille topology of the stochastic edge of a helical reversed-field pinch, with helicityshows to be deeply influenced by higher harmonicswith the same ndue to toroidal coupling.

This theoretical prediction is tested and confirmed here for the ITER tokamak with disruption modelled as the fast thermal quench followed by slower current quench that develops into the vertical displacement event.

Abstract Research towards a plasma exhaust solution for a fusion power plant aims at validating edge physics tou, strengthening predictive capabilities and improving the divertor configuration. These results showed a power exhaust scenario and the divertor design concept. The application to JET experiments with the ILW shows that the proposed indicators agree quite well among themselves and provide sound estimates of the efficiency of the synchronisation scheme investigated.

The toroidal rotating filaments could change the reveulle magnetic topology resulting in toroidal rotating strike point splitting and heat flux broadening.

To verify the understanding of the plasma transport processes, the heat transport was modelled using TGLF. Edit Profile View as Public Logout. A higher plasma current of 66 kA was also non-inductively achieved with a slow ramp-up of the vertical field. Always play videos fullscreen. Parameter dependences of energy alamm are investigated.

In this paper, we point out that the rotation of hot particles is arbitrary in the hybrid kinetic-MHD formalism, due to the assumption of small hot particle density. Transient loading experiments were also performed using a high power pulsed laser during He plasma exposure, showing a significant modification of the target thermal response caused by the surface damage.

This is a consequence of the small spatial scales over which the ion orbits distribute the power. The geometrical complexity of the sensor is accurately accounted for and the standard model which provides the classical expression to compute the flux linkage of Rogowski sensors is quantitatively validated. Increase in the density limit was observed when reveille power was launched from the top antenna, consistently with the numerical predictions.

By matching this density dependence to the observed time-dependence of chirping ICE spectra in KSTAR, we obtain sub-microsecond time resolution of the evolving local electron number density during the ELM crash.


Then, as the electron temperature decreases further, a new transition appears, at a temperature lower than the first transition, below which the zonal flows are stronger than they were initially.

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The shearing rate is shown to strictly correlate with the power in the near SOLconsistently with a recent theoretical model. Long and thin current sheets are found to be formed and become tearing unstable in the high Lundquist number regime during the fast reconnection phase, leading to the onset of the secondary and tertiary islands plasmoids.

I-modes have now been maintained in near-DN configurations, leading to improved divertor power flux sharing. We have explored possibilities for generating an experimental database to test whether the reduction in transport that is predicted is consistent with experimental observations.

A plasma control simulator is also being developed to test and validate control schemes. Toroidal rotation braking by neoclassical toroidal viscosity driven by non-axisymmetric 3D magnetic fields, called magnetic braking, has great potential to control rotation profile, and thereby modify tokamak stability and performance. Abstract Up to now, blister formation on rough or technical tungsten surfaces reveille to hydrogen isotope plasma was believed to be completely suppressed. This overview covers recent developments in the theory of runaway electrons in tokamaks.

It describes methodologies that were aalm in order to assess the capabilities of the Continuous External Rogowski CERwhich measures the total toroidal current in the ITER machine. The absence of the sign change of even when a much lower collisionality is produced by additional deveille cyclotron heating brings further experimental support to this interpretation. Abstract We investigate kinetic effects of hot particles and rotating bulk plasmas on resistive wall mode RWM stability.

It is shown that large amplitude fluctuations associated with radially propagating filaments in the scrape-off layer feature double-exponential wave-forms. Abstract Multiscale interaction between the magnetic island and turbulence has been demonstrated through simultaneous two-dimensional measurements of turbulence and temperature and flow profiles.

Multiscale interaction between the magnetic island and turbulence has been demonstrated through simultaneous two-dimensional measurements of turbulence and temperature and flow profiles.

It is shown that the surface microstructure of tungsten wlam irradiated in hydrogen is characterized by micro-pits, inclusions and blisters in the form of bubbles, which rreveille not observed earlier for tungsten irradiated in hydrogen.

We describe the linear evolution of the poloidal flux and the toroidal component of the vorticity in a full 3D system using the reduced MHD equations, density and parallel velocity moments for the energetic particles as well as the geodesic acoustic wave dynamics.

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