Mar 29 2020

Man on Fire [A. J. Quinnell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An alcoholic soldier of fortune, serving as a bodyguard to the daughter of an. A.J. Quinnell, Writer: Man on Fire. There was no specific event that led me to write ‘Man on Fire’. Two things stuck in my mind. Sometime in the sixties the. Creasy thought he had nothing left to lose. He was wrong. An American soldier of fortune far from home – alcoholic, burnt out, and broken down – Creasy has.

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For the first time in a long time, Creasy is given a real reason to life; his friendship with Pinta. How much of A. There are 5 more books in the John Creasy series and I will definitely be reading them quihnell.

Man on Fire

There’s much to love here, and very little to hate–except, of course, the men who pissed Creasy off in the first place. Words The Writer’s Bone Interviews. Lists with This Book. Retrieved 30 March Her parents decide to home school her after a fellow student is kidnapped.

If you enjoy action or revenge movies you will dig this book. All goes fine until tragedy strikes and Creasy am left for dead with the sunshine extinguished from his life. Funny thing though, is that what makes it so compelling to read is also one of its weaknesses: Jul 18, Soriambi rated it really liked it.

He refused to pay the ransom and his son was murdered. Quinnell, set the tone for modern action thrillers. This story is both sad and exciting and makes you feel for every detail. A battle-scarred, burnt-out mercenary, working as a bodyguard for the young daughter of an Italian industrialist, he thought he had lost the power of feeling. Be advised, this review is for the AJ Quinnell book published innot the movie staring Denzel Washington.


Creasy goes through with the exchange, but is suffering from prior gunshot wounds and dies shortly after giving himself over to enemy hands, but not before ensuring Pita’s safe return to her mother.

Quinenll helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jun 11, Arun Divakar rated it really liked it. Told by Guido he can stay with in-laws on the island of Gozo in Malta, Creasy accepts the offer, to train for his new mission. I liked getting more information about Creasy, as the movie gave almost none. Not sure where Mr Quinnel RIP got his info from or how he researched this but he is absolutely quinnell on in just about every regard.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. My library Help Advanced Book Search. May 23, David rated it it was amazing.

Want to Read Currently Mann Read. Since it was first published inMan on Firethe first book in the long-spanning Creasy series written by unknown author A. He has been mercenary in some of the most violent battle zones on the planet quinnekl is now out of work until a bodyguard job comes along. To keep him occupied, his companion Guido suggests that Creasy should get a job and offers to set him up as a bodyguard: Quinnell Harper Collins- Fiction – pages 1 Review https: Two real-life incidents shaped A.

Man on Fire (Creasey #1) by A.J. Quinnell

And, of course, he finds a new purpose for his life, which is taken from him right away. The same cannot be said of the antagonists for they are cartoonish caricatures: He does not promise mercy and ifre none. The book, as always, is way better.

In the first, after the eldest son of a rich Singaporean was kidnapped by Triads for ransom money, the man refused to pay the ransom, leading to the death of his son; the refusal meant that the man’s other children would not become targets. The main character Creasy is a trained killer that is almost hollowed out inside from his many years as qinnell soldier and mercenary.


Man on Fire (Quinnell novel) – Wikipedia

It was made into a movie starring Denzel Washington, but I have trouble visualizing him in that-it must have been loosely based on the book. Very nicely done, better than the film that led me here, which was also nicely done.

I vaguely remember little Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington from the movie adaptation and little Dakota Fanning was a treat in it.

Quinnell I got that in all his books. Thrills an suspense from he start with just a bit of romance. Until onn girl’s beguiling touch awakens in him the ability to love. The family responded by introducing anti-mafia investigators, lawyers, and mafia members to Quinnell.

She is eventually kidnapped by Mexican policemen belonging to a criminal organisation called “La Hermandad” who are involved in much of the kidnapping conspiracy transpiring in Mexico. Many of the book’s most devoted fans come from Japan. Predictable and yet the inevitable part of the story where the one man killing machine strikes terror into the heart of the Mafia.

He cleans up and begins to finally care again, and he feels she saves his life and possibly his soul. And if you are into the action genre, this one is elementary. When I found a paperback edition of the original novel reprinted with the film poster to capitalize on its release at my local thrift store, I had to grab it.

In a Zombie Apocalypse My hard on for the movie made the background information about Guido a bit boring, and the story about Creasy’s rehab just plodded along. The lone wolf or small group frie up against the bad guys to dispense justice. Is this book available in epub format?