Mar 20 2020

FGU’s post-apocalyptic RPG Aftermath! is one such game. In my youth, Aftermath!, like most FGU games, was generally held to be an. Aftermath! EDITIONS: There’s an earlier edition () by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly. Aftermath! – The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the e.

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Believe it or not, I had a friend in college who used the Aftermath engine to power his fantasy campaign. Aftermath was ranked 29th in the reader aftefmath of Arcane magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time. Thinking about it, Fyu miss that kind of gaming today, where most games you play gloss over the details of how much food to bring and how to feed your horses in the desert.

For a new player, this bordered on some sort of mathematical level of hell. I think it opens Aftermath! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It received similar positive treatment in the pages of the short-lived Imagine magazine.

Realistically, there zftermath little difference afterath most attributes between 16 and 24, expect for the effect on saving throws, and many attribute saving throws were never used in game play. Many people may not know this game, so I thought I would give everyone some info about it. When characters had a bad reputation in Aftermath! It was very common for a new player to end up with a dead character by the end of their first session. The website makes the game much easier to play. Anthony Emmel June 9, at Combat could be also resolve very quickly, wasting very little game time.


Aftermath! – Post-Holocaust Roleplaying – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Role playing game system. A character gained a reputation based on their actions in the game. Since characters were never over powered, there was always a chance that a character would meet and unfortunate accident and die as the result of player or game master actions.

I’ve since moved away from that level of crunch, but I still remember the game fondly. The key is to be forgiving of the complexity and use it only when necessary. This had many advantages, it gave players a reason to be out in the dangerous world of the Aftermath!.

I’ve never played Aftermathbut have lovehated Space Opera for going on 30 years. I realized that many of the issues with the game were procedural, the activity of rolling hits and damage simply took too long to hold players attention. Complex but I think playable, even back when I was The setting is a major university in an important city. I do think the value of the Aftermath!


Submit a new text post. I’d have the “inert” sons be something to be celebrated. Resources Find the right game for you! In practical terms, the Game Master removed food from their inventory and they designated skills they would increase, giving themselves the proper amount of points based on the time and other factors.


After all, a simple failure is merely “inert. So I began a Rolemaster campaign because Agtermath was not yet deterred by cumbersome character generation. By design, the Game Master plays these NPCs with poor tactics, again allowing the players to overcome these enemies if they use a smart strategy and superior firepower.

Thanks for the informative read.

In the Campaign Pak included with the screen, you’ll find all you afteramth to kick off your adventures in the wild wastelands of Avernus. In one extreme example, a player whose character was so feared that merchants often would close up shop if they heard he was coming to town, bars would empty when he walked in and NPCs came from far and wide to avenge the death of a aftermah one.


It bothers me that pretty much everything that comes out in the post-apocalypse genre is populated by mutants and zombies. These opponents give the players the opportunity to fight with a low level of danger.

For example, if a character was seen shooting in a firefight and hit very often, they may get a positive reputation as a “good shot”. The third element that made Aftermath! Look cool and dangerous as you lurk behind this fine official accessory for the Waste World roleplaying game. Each attribute has a level called an Attribute Group. When I was introduced to Aftermath!

Retrieved from ” https: Then I noticed that some other rolls were difficult and suddenly, three years later, I had this massive program that removed all of the manual roles other than the hit chance.

We used Aftermath to run games based on source material as far apart as Mad Max, the Survivalist and V, and it seemed to work fine for all of those. Aos June 9, at They all commended that the ‘real’ them wasn’t nearly as cool as the characters they created. They also had to cultivate their reputation in order to maximum its effectiveness.

In the last megacities, five warrior civilizations prepare for Doomsday.