Mar 24 2020

On the 2nd of October in , Aeroperú made history with a frantic and .. From an unofficial translation of the accident report by the Peru. Operator: AeroPeru. Registration: N52AW Flight took off from Lima runway 15 at am for a flight to Santiago. Five minutes after . Accident location: Exact; as reported in the official accident report. +−. Leaflet | ©. by Aeroperu, crashed into the Pacific (?can, about 30 miles off the coast of Lima was attempting to return to Lima when the accident occurred.

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A technical description for non-aerodynamicists of how a pitot-static system functions and what happens when a static port is blocked has been contributed by Robert Dorsett Given the latest information on the static port blockage on AeroPeruthe possibilities are: The angle of the view The Peruvian authorities said masking tape.

Aeroperú Flight – Wikipedia

Gulfstream has been very good about all of this provided I add the note shown below. Design a procedure with all the steps and actions to be followed in the event of a total failure of the dynamic and static instruments to be included in the QRH. The standard procedure is that a Quality Control staff member supervises the finishing of the job.

This failure mode is deemed sufficient by itself to explain the known phenomena replrt with the aircraft’s demise; and this failure mode is not at all computer-related.

The pilot-in-command made a personal error by not complying with the procedure for GPWS alarms and not noticing the readings of the radio altimeters in order to discard everything which he believed to be fictitious.

Fear of Landing

Then after a few years they ceased happening with any frequency, except in business aviation: CHip on A Christmas Miracle Do I detect a similarity between this and the recent Indonesian crash, in that both involved automated systems overruling the…. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from December All Wikipedia articles needing clarification Wikipedia articles needing clarification All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification Coordinates on Wikidata.


Implement systems which avoid conflicting or contradictory alarms, such as overspeed and stick shaker being activated at the same time. During the nightmare scenario that developed the pilots were obviously totally overloaded. With due respect to the Minister, any attribution of cause of this crash is premature my reasoning is given below.

Accident Case Study

The Captain circled the to the west, the tower controller providing altitude and position readouts to the pilots from the tower’s radar recently returned to service after a lengthy outage. By climbing away over the sea, they would gain some time and space to troubleshoot and safely return to the airport.

However, while those ports are covered, the airplane is technically unairworthy, as during all non-trivial maintenance procedures. Alternative B2 is the only one which allows a computer failure alone to cause an accident: I’ll annotate this attempt at analysis with the new information.

Wednesday 2 October Time: Investigators have been unable to find and recover the right side static ports. Then a tech log entry stating that the static ports have been covered is made.

This would lead to serious difficulties in the measurement of altitude and vertical speed, and considerable errors in measurement of airspeed: I thus hold it as incumbent on assessors to indicate as well as possible how and why they might be wrong.

For any given accident, one can pretty well be certain that not all of them had suffered failure modes contributing to the accident. This is similar to what is done in a Fault Tree Analysis 1but fault trees are usually used for fault analysis at a much lower level. It became standard to use contrasting tape after this usually applied as a big Xto at least to allow someone further down the chain a chance to spot the issue.


This encapsulates a common type of engineering discussion about critical systems: Jenney suggested 9 that an angle-of-attack AOA indicator could have allowed the crew to avoid the accident. At the same time, the co-pilot’s airspeed indications were too low, triggering the stick shaker.

I felt they had given a demonstrably mistaken premature attribution of cause, and that this therefore must be refuted, from the armchair if need be. I think the world of Gulfstream Aerospace.

Earlier this awroperu, US officials had threatened to charge Peru with failure to comply with ICAO standards unless the Peruvians took steps to improve their oversight of commercial aviation. I do not know if the accident airplane was equipped with a radio altimeter.

Code is provided free of charge in an effort to provide sourced-information about all facets of aviation. As a result, Gulfstream is not responsible or liable for your use of any materials or information obtained from this site.

They asked ATC again for their altitude and were reassured it was still 9, feet but their speed had declined. Airspeed is how quickly you are moving through the air. The first officer asked for another aircraft to help them understand the situation.