AER 190-1 PDF

Oct 16 2020

AE Regulation /CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction X/USAFE Instruction , Driver and. Vehicle Requirements and the Installation. Army in Europe Regulation – IMCOM-Europe – U.S. Read more about army , europe, regulation and Wiesbaden, Germany – AER There has been a revision to AER , Driver and Vehicle Requirements and the Installation Traffic Code for the US.

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Under certain circumstances, the maximum speed posted may be too fast for road and traffic conditions. That means, unless you are using a lap belt only rear middle seat in older vehicles or special applicationsyou must wear the seatbelt OVER the shoulder.

The proper technique for driving around a curve is to slow down before ar curve and accelerate toward the end of the curve.

How a DUI forever changed a local Soldier’s career –

Indicates the beginning of an autobahn. At dusk or dawn. Traffic tickets for violations committed on German roads use these numbers to refer to traffic signs related to the violation. To do so, the driver must pull up to the middle of the intersection in front of vehicle 2 and then allow vehicle 3 to pass in front of her.

Indicates the end of the town or city and the distance to the next town or city.

When may vehicle 2 turn? Prohibits entry for all motor vehicles other than motorcycles. At what distance 190- the warning triangle be arr if a vehicle breaks down on any road other than an autobahn?

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Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within city limits is 60 kph 37 mph. Average distance being used by other drivers. Drivers may park beside a traffic island as long as their parking lights are on. The rear license plate must be illuminated.

During daytime, where is it permitted to use headlights to signal the intention to pass? German Police Signals Stop. Indicates on the autobahn that a public telephone is available at the next rest area or operated service area. Open containers are no longer allowed on the military installation. This police officer is waving traffic through the intersection with his right hand while signaling with his left hand for all traffic in front of him and behind him to wait.

Wait until oncoming traffic is clear and then make the 1990-1. Wait until the light changes. German Police Signals Attention 4. What does that mean?

Vehicles 2 and 3. This applies in the whole area until sign ends this zone. Turn the steering wheel in the direction that the rear of the vehicle is skidding and pump the brakes lightly. This is lower than awr U. From this point on, all rules and regulations governing the autobahn must be obeyed.

Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany

In which order may the vehicles proceed? Posted where ser restrictions required by sign end. Both a and b above. Drivers must pay special attention to these people and try to anticipate their behavior. Exits marked by this sign are the only authorized exits from the autobahn. Which vehicle must wait? Indicates that traffic on this road has the right-of-way only at the next intersection.


aeer Indicates that traffic must turn left ahead. Prohibits traffic from passing on either side of the solid white line. Approach with caution and look both directions for approaching trains.

Posted at railroad crossings. Drivers must not pass other vehicles at zebra crossings. If the crossing is hard to see.

Except where road or traffic conditions make drivers drive more slowly. The driver may proceed as long as the police officer continues to wer traffic through.

Indicates the number of the autobahn exit or autobahn junction including three-way junctions. Backing up and making U-turns on one-way streets are prohibited. Using one of the telephone boxes located at regular intervals along the autobahn. At a court-martial for drunken driving, the maximum punishment a service member could receive is: We did not join the are to become criminals.