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About Abdallah Laroui: عبد الله العرويAbdallah Laroui (born , in Azemmour ) (Arabic: عبدالله العروي) is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing i. Abdallah Laroui has 28 books on Goodreads with ratings. Abdallah Laroui’s most popular book is مفهوم الحرية. Download Audiobooks narrated by Abdallah Laroui to your device. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Your first book is Free with trial!.

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Sheikh Zayed Book Award website. Retrieved from ” https: Modernism is a wave; swimming against it is jeopardy. He was, however, sympathetic to the view that the study of the “Orient” should be understood in the context of European imperial political interests, just as Arab cultural output should be understood in the context of Arab nationalism.

He taught the history of North Africa as a visiting professor at the University of CaliforniaLos Angeles in —, then returned to Rabat, where he taught methods of historical research until he retired as university professor emeritus in He worked afterwards as a professor in the faculty of literature in Rabat. Moreover, we give up the game of assuming an imaginary reality taken as an ideal through which we judge those banners, because we believe that the easiest rout to the soule of any society is the collective of banners of that society.

This is the central concept in the thought of Laroui and we find it fused in almost all his works, he says. For Islamic modernists who struggle to reclaim a sense of authenticity, Laroui’s insistence that the tools of history apply equally and inexorably to Islamic and to all other religious and cultural traditions has been enormously influential. For reasons I need not detail here such an evolution will probably occur more easily in the “Ajam” countries of Asia than in the Arab Middle East and North Africa, not because the former are less religious but simply because the latter are on the whole less fortunate.

Abdallah Laroui

Laroui disagreed with those who took critiques of Orientalism to mean that only Arabs or Muslims could write about themselves. This is the central concept in the thought of Laroui and we find it fused in almost all his works, he says, I tried in all my writings to clarify that the historical status within which we live today, which we cannot negate, makes all of our judgments, on definite cases, pragmatic and apologetic.

Professor Laroui has been born in the city of ” Azmour “, in Morocco. For this reason, we are careful to start by describing the social reality: This “described’ I deal with it from two sides: He studied the ideas of Karl Marx as a historian and a theoretician but not as a prophet.


Laroui urges scholars to study the role of polygamy and the relation between laroji structure and war in Islamic history, and has argued that historians should specialize not only in history but also in literature, economics, linguistics, philosophy—anything but just history.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Modernism, in his view, is equivalent to the meaning which Europe has known between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries; i. Those aballah been fighting strongly together, but on the peripherals not on the heart of the subject.

The Crisis of the Arab Intellectual: I am conscious that I make a concept that its evolution is ‘non-guaranteed as evidence on the validity of larouui the concept.

Arab Cultural Center, When I talk about method, I mean in reality the logic of modern thought after it has been separated from ancient classical thought. There is escalating demand for modernism but the question which besieges us is that did we really fulfilled the conditions for accomplishing modernism? He expresses this position as follows, I am not one of those ho stand beside the grave of Linen and Mao. This cannot be through jumping over an epistemological obstacle, an obstacle of accumulation of classical information, in which partial criticism is useless, rather what is useful is to overturn the page, and that is what I called, and still calling, the methodological break I used this expression before it became used in the studies of philosophy of science.

I am not one of those ho stand beside the grave of Linen and Mao. It is that the historical role of the West, which extends from the age of renaissance to the industrial revolution, is the only reference to the concepts upon which the revolutionary politics that aim at getting non-European countries from mediating unsettling positions to industrial modernist positions. His vision is that it is not possible to make a leap over modernism, Arabic society must pass first through the modernist state, which is in his view an inescapable destiny.

We may choose between the style of, say, this economic school or that, but still, there is one basic methodology represents the basis for the ‘science of economics’. Views Read Edit View history. When I speak about the necessity of taking a stance, I mean making a choice between this or that, not enforcing a specific choice. It analyzed the Arabic realities and facts in its widespread intellectual, political and cultural aspects, uncovering the points of defect suggesting ways of overcoming such defects.


It is either consistent with its proclaimed purposes or inconsistent.

History is related to methodology as a human science, and to reality with respect to its subject of study. It is easy to respond: These are some of the mechanisms, which have been seriously presented without receiving a positive response. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. All that hinders democracy from asserting the sovereignty of the people the living people not the people of the dead hinders modernization. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

In particular, he embraces Karl Marx’s thought as a modernist thinker and critical of its problems, in the nineteen’s century. He sees that this is wrong because what is required to be accomplished is in depth modernity transformation, on the level of the ways of thinking of the whole society, in his words, We call, today, for modernism from different portals, the portal of the state, the portal of the civil society, and the portal of political parties, and others.

Laroui expresses this dual form as follows.

Books by Abdallah Laroui

The other side of the methodology of professor Laroui is a ‘Foundational’ one. In this respect, he writes. In addition, this duality in the form of writing expresses the dialectic orientation of his thought between reality and ideals, and shows that the ideal, in his view, is not separated from reality but interacts with it in an ascending dialectic. Islamists, on the other lroui, believe that historical laws were given from the beginning in a well-guarded book kitab mahfuz. This critical period represents an essential preparatory stage for the appearance of creative authentic Arabic thought.

The writings of Laroui are accordingly classified as part of the critical period, through which contemporary Arabic thought is passing.

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There is no justification to this call except one assumption that is extracted from history itself. Larohi it became clear that the age of dictation be informed that… as well as the logic of the age abdallah debate if he says the answer is…has been finished through the decline of its material, rational and social base.

I start up from a concept that is a result of an historical evolution and I apply it on a material that I think is going to be coincident with it.