Mar 22 2020

maloperation. 8. VD4 circuit-breaker run-on block The vacuum circuit- breaker of type VD4 on with- .. ABB Calor Emag withdrawable parts must be fitted. The VD4 medium voltage circuit-breakers use vacuum interrupters embedded in . short-circuits. ABB vacuum interrupters are zero-current interrupters and are. on unpacking, notify ABB (directly or through the agent or supplier) as soon as The VD4 are vacuum circuit-breaker for indoor installation. For the electrical.

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Superior performance for protection. Please try again later or go to https: Product scope Medium voltage circuit breakers with mechanical actuator spring mechanism for primary distribution up to 46 kV, 4, A, 63 kA.

Key benefits The most versatile and powerful solution among medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers Ideal for all applications eg, capacitor bank switching, marine, GOST More than 1,5 million VD4 medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker installed worldwide Cassettes and module systems available for OEMs and panel builders to create their own solutions Fully interchangeable — both for overall dimension and electrical diagram — with ABB VD4 medium voltage gas circuit breaker Only one common plug-and-play actuator EL type from 12 kV to 36 kV with a wide range of accessories, safety locks and interlocks, and with same family feeling of ABB low voltage series EMAX Key features Vacuum interrupters embedded in poles for protection against humidity, shocks and dust Modular spring-operated mechanical actuator ensuring easy operation even without auxiliary supply 30, mechanical operations on most ratings Rated at up to up to 46 kV, 4, A, 63 kA.


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ABB Compact Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type VD4

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ABB Compact Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type VD4 | Pars Deltaco

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IEC indoor vacuum circuit breaker VD4

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