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Six Suspects . Vikas Swarup They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their. Review: Six Suspects by Vikas SwarupHirsh Sawhney sifts through some daft writing for the clever nuggets in a sprawling Indian satire. Here’s a question for its author, Vikas Swarup: Can a novel be any more high- concept than ‘Six Suspects,’ by Vikas Swarup JUNE 24,

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Unfortunately, this uneducated, insanely stupid American uses very distinctively British English terms mixed in with crazy “down South” similes and metaphors, which made him even more unbelievable. Terutama untuk pembunuh yang tidak terduga dan latar belakang India-nya yang digambarkan susspects bagus sampai-sampai saya seakan-akan bisa merasakan atmosfernya.

Dan Larry secara tidak sengaja mengetahui kalau Vicky juga mengincar calon pengantinnya. This is exactly what Vikas Swarup attempted to.

Dulu saking serunya saya sampai tidak memperhatikan kalau isi buku ini dibagi menjadi 6 bagian. Inshort – recommended from my side for time pass.

Delhi underbelly

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Never have villains been so villainous, nor girl-victims been quite so piteous. Dan pesta perayaan itu akhirnya berubah menjadi pesta kematian Vicky. Attempts to make him an ordinary, “aw-shucks” Texas hick were admirable, but his “butter my butt and call me a biscuit” style got very old after awhile, and he really was just unbelievably stupid.


Jul 29, Muhammad Hisyam rated it liked it. Saya pertama kali sispects novel ini di tahun Sambil menunggu laporan balistik, Vikas Swarup mengisahkan motif masing-masing dari 6 tersangka yang dilihat dari wawancara Arun Advani, seorang jurnalis kriminal.

To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse. He deserve more punishments but alas our system is so corrupt!

Trivia About Auspects Suspects. Swarup’s editor is a native British-English speaker who might not have noticed the following: In the I started the book thinking it will be about a tout murder mystery case with six suspects. While I enjoyed Six Suspects especially the characters of Eketi and Munnathe American character, Larry Page, did not ring true at all, primarily because of his speech.

Review on Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup. Right from the time the author shares a brief history of Vicky Rai, the ‘victim’, and in three paragraphs narrates the deeds that brought India’s sense of justice into the spotlight, I was hooked. Likewise, when he enters politically tense Kashmir, he lampoons autocratic and ignorant America and Islamic fanaticism.

Six Suspects (novel) – Wikipedia

Tersangka keempat adalah Shabnam Saxena, seorang aktris Bollywood terkenal. Eketi datang ke India untuk mengambil kembali batu keramat sukunya yang dicuri oleh mantan pegawai Depsos yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

Book 34 in Jul 26, Mikko Peralta rated it really liked it. Comment on this review.

I like the book but was kinda disappointed by it because I expect something else. Speed Post – Shobha De.

Some of the real life characters like Barkha Dutt is also there in this novel! Tapi setelah Larry datang ke India, apa yang ditulis gadis itu melalui surat semuanya palsu. Bingung ini sebenernya mau nulis apaan.


Six Suspects

Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. This is one of the innumerable instances in which Swarup borrows from actual political events, but his attempts to graft front-page headlines on to plot make suspefts superficial, encyclopaedic reading.

He does not sugar-coat the class, caste and racist undertones, makes no excuses, and no judgement Very clear cut review. They have two sons Aditya and Varun. We’ll contact you shortly.

I really did not like his character, and his knack for idioms and similies got to be a bit infuriating after a while. Aug 01, Bikas rated it really liked it. Misteri pembunuhan ini 66 bergulir. Each is equally likely to have pulled the trigger. Tidak menegangkan namun mengasyikkan untuk dibaca. So, sooner we can expect a movie out of this Novel also.

Katanya novel Six Suspects ini juga akan dijadikan film. It was fun and engaging, sometimes depressing with a tint of hopelessness. Seperti White Tiger-nya Aruvind Adiga yang juga mengulik busuknya pemerintahan India, Swarup juga menelanjangi bobroknya melalui banyak percakapan-percakapan Jaganaath Rai dan Mohan Kumar yang membuat geram dan jijik pada orang-orang pemerintahan.